Pendragon Theatre is an ensemble of artists, based in the Adirondacks, dedicated to preserving the vitality and enhancing the quality of professional theatre through year-round performance and educational programs.

How Pendragon Got It’s Name…

Once upon a time, in the spring of 1981, Pendragon, as yet unnamed, was coalescing its second production РUnder Milkwood by Dylan Thomas. The fledgling group began to think that a name, an identity, would be good. A host of names was offered up. One person, drawn to the idea of the British Isles because of that current production, fell upon Pendragon. Why? Uther Pendragon was the father of Arthur, King of England. Pendragon means chief leader of the British tribes. While not in England, we still hope to provide the lead or impetus towards excellence in theatre arts.

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