Pendragon Theatre acknowledges–

We Can Do Better

We Must Do Better

We Will Do Better

Pendragon Theatre, as an ensemble of artists, cultural workers and community members, based in the Adirondack and North Country region of New York State, commits to examining the racism that is embedded in our decisions concerning selection of plays for our summer professional and year-round theatre, our hiring practices, our investments and our community involvement.

To that end:

The staff and board of Pendragon will grapple with the legacies of racism and oppression that persist in theatre and that are present in our region, our state and in our country.

We will be diligent in our efforts to create an artistic space that is truly committed to engaging the challenges of equity, diversity and inclusion.

We will demonstrate this with our concrete actions, not merely with words.

We stand in solidarity with our Black, Indigenous and People of Color theatre artists to name the racism that has permeated our culture and has privileged White American theatre makers.

We shall educate ourselves and reflect on our history as a cultural and community organization to understand, on all levels, how we can create and sustain meaningful change and anti-racism practices.

We invite our community to join us in this conversation and to contribute ideas, energy and resources to insure this change will take place.