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Stars of New Pendragon ($100,000 or more)

Cloudsplitter Foundation
Stewart’s Foundation
Anne Schoff

Leadership Donors: ($20,000 or more)

Champlain National Bank
Terry and Lynn Birdsong
Howard and Anne Cooper
Tom Curley and Marsha Stanley
Bill and Joan Grabe
Tim and Deb Reilly
Craig and Connie Weatherup
Barrie and Deedee Wigmore
Holly and Dave Wolff
Fran Yardley and Burdette Parks

Producers ($10,000 to $19999)

Kimberley Bouchard
Dorothy and Jay Federman
Marc and Lynn Gitlitz
Susan Hearn and Greg Dickson
Sally and Charlie Svenson

Directors ($5000 to $9999)

Michael and Ellen Bettmann
Charles and Jane Carroll
Adele and Tom Connors (in honor of Kathy and Lonnie Ford)
Arthur and Mary George
Rob and Stacey Tucker

Designers ($1000 to $4999)

Ona Allen
Cheryl Culotta
Stephen DeHond
Linda Friedlander
Bob and Katie Laba
Charles and Meg McManus
Gerald Michael
Pam Palumbo and Betsey Hall
Margie Philo
Bob Ross

Actors (Up to $1000)

Deb Beairsto
Bruce and Laura Coffin
Jessica Collier
Cheryl Culotta
Erin Day
Brian DelToro
Betsy Dirnberger
Jeremy Evans
Sylvia Flescher
The Halasz Family
Carol Jackman
Todd Kemp
Walter and Katrine Kretser
Jim and Carrie Moore
Bonnie Ohmann and David Porter
Mike & Sally Ritchie
Dan and Betsy Senkowski
Allison Studdiford and Aaron Dewey
Chuck and Beth VanAnden