We’re building more than a new theatre. We’re taking a leading role in revitalizing Saranac Lake, by expanding our already-extensive community programs and educational opportunities.

The current theatre, housed in a converted 1920s-era garage, is beloved for good reason: It’s quirky (when’s the last time you saw a play in a garage?) and it’s steeped in history (Tony Award winners have graced our stage).

But it’s cramped—there’s just one dressing room. And it lacks amenities—there’s no rehearsal space, it’s short on seats and insulation and the roof leaks.

So here’s the plot: With the help of a bold band of generous and visionary theatre and community lovers (that’s you), we’re going to retire this tired theatre building and relocate amid the restaurants, shops and galleries of downtown Saranac Lake.

We’ll have the space we need to stage more, and more ambitious, productions. We’ll also have room to expand our one-of-a-kind community programs, many of which expose children, veterans and other at-risk members of society to theatre—some for the very first time.

When you support the new Pendragon, you’re not just lifting a theatre company. You’re lifting our entire community. Because art makes good communities great, and great communities even stronger. It’s no secret that people want to be in places with thriving cultural scenes that attract tourists and residents alike. By giving local kids the chance to explore the performing arts year-round, and through expanded partnerships with area colleges that will provide up-and-coming talent with hard-to-find experience, you’ll be helping to create a resource that will bear fruit for years to come.

What we’re building:

Of course, we are still designing, and what we design depends on your support!

  • New rehearsal space. There’s no rehearsal room in the current Pendragon; this new room could also be a classroom, meeting space or dance studio.
  • Proper backstage amenities. Currently, men and women share the same cramped dressing room, and a single bathroom. The office is actually one of the theatre wings, which means it’s off-limits most of the summer. A new space will allow for separate dressing rooms, as well as a dedicated office.
  • Community space. The new lobby can display local art and be used year-round, expanding the village’s Arts District.
  • More comfort. The theatre offers patrons just two bathrooms today—increasingly inadequate, considering our growing attendance. The new theatre will have plenty of bathrooms.
  • A new stage design- We’re designing a stage that can retain the intimacy of the current quarters while allowing for new technology and programming
  • More programs. A proposed partnership with North Country Community College would provide students a hands-on venue for a potential theatre program. And we’re exploring ways to expand our existing partnership with St. Joseph’s Addiction Treatment and Recovery Centers by providing additional opportunities to veterans.
  • An environmentally friendly building that will be built to qualify for LEED Silver certification.
  • More jobs. More productions. More visitors. By supporting our expansion, you’re helping build a new Pendragon that will be a destination for arts professionals. We’ll increase the number of actors, stagehands and other workers we hire annually.